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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bless this mess

Last night I found out that the bed I've been using here in Texas has a heated mattress pad....I may never go home....  Perfect timing, as I'd been worn to a little nubbin trying to keep up with Sis, aka Super Shopper!!
We had a birthday luncheon at the Princess' school, then Super Shopper carried me around to Randall's, then Savers (all donated items, sales supporting programs for children), then Tuesday Morning (I had a major fall down on the budget there, SHHH!), and finally Jo Ann Fabric & Crafts.  I don't know how she does it.  By the time we left Tuesday Morning, I was ready for a nice long visit to a recliner & maybe some mindless TV (Sis has a great media room!), but we still had to get a few items at Jo Ann. 
I've started a lace scarf on the road.  Hope it goes better than the last time I tried that!
Yes, Disco, our dingbat dog was the one that let you hang onto his ear while you learned to walk.   I'd like to find that pic I took of him, while I had the camera in one hand and his favorite toy in the other!  Lots of BIG TEETH coming right at the camera!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


That's an odd word.  Some folks around here use it to mean the "pacifier" given to babies.  I'm calling it the same as Spring.  We got a blue million daffodils up in the yard, it got into the upper 60's last week, and yesterday it snowed.  Enough winter!  It's almost April, for cryin' out loud. 
The Plaidman is losing his marbles.  Today he noticed that his car tags expired last December.  He distinctly remembered going to get the stickers, but couldn't find them.  After a search of the living room and both cars he finally found the envelope from the county clerk's office -- showing that no, he did NOT already buy new "tags" (actually just the stickers).  So he had to run out to the vehicle inspection center, but there's no hope of him getting to the clerks office before they close.  He'll have to get that done tomorrow. 
DiscoDame is (and there should be a fanfare) now covered by insurance!!!  Thank you insurance marketplace.  She had to wait about 3 months before they got done processing her application, and the premiums for two of those months + April had to be paid all at once (!%*$^%!!), but she's insured. 
I am still swatching for the Gramps cardigan; I've even got a set of acrylic interchangeable circs on order at Haus of Yarn to try to get gauge.   I spoke with the recipient's doting grandmother yesterday, to explain the issue, and she's cool -- the boy lives in a very warm climate and will likely not need a sweater till late Fall, but maybe I should make it bigger?  He's two, I'd planned on making a size 4....but if gauge continues to elude me, I guess I could re-jigger the math to get a size between 4 and 6.  This is not supposed to be a jacket-weight sweater, being worked in DK weight yarn.  Still, I certainly don't want to use needles larger than US 7.  I'll have to work on it. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh why not

It's been a bit quiet on here lately.  Sorry, I got distracted, and I really can't even say what it was that drew me away.  Just "stuff"! 
Saturday the two junior members of the Plaid Patrol were stuffed into a pet carrier, then to the car (cats in cars!! the horror!!), then held in a line with a bunch of dogs for about an hour before being taken away by someone they didn't know & given their rabies vaccines.  That was their birthday present, getting legal. 
Disco is getting down to the wire.. she agreed to have at least one job interview before the end of March, and it hasn't happened yet.  Don't know why she doesn't apply where I work; the Box O'Docs isn't a bad place to work.  And she could ride in with me, and hear John Boy & Billy on The Big Show every day.  Heck, if she'd learn to drive we could swap up, and I'd have more knitting time. 
Which I need so much!  I'm still working on my Arden mitts, another 4 or 5 rows before I start the thumb gusset on the 2nd one.  I just know I'll lose interest once the weather turns warm, and then be mad at myself when the Docs turn on the air conditioning. 
I just bought a bunch of Shibui sock yarn -- so soft! so lovely! -- and Dana told me that it's been discontinued.  Bummer, dude!  So I'd better get over to the Haus to see what they've got left of it, maybe they'll have that one color I'd still like to get.  
So, currently on the needles: the Ardens, swatches for the Gramps cardigan, and not really anything else.  I'm not getting #&^%# gauge for the Gramps, and I've about worn out a large portion of one of the skeins I'm gonna need for it. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Missing a friend I never met

Yesterday I dropped off a 16 lb sack of Meow Mix, a 4 lb bag of Purina Kitten Chow, and two bundles of large trash bags and tall kitchen trash bags at the Nashville Humane Society.  Some puppies there tried to call out ot me, but I resisted.  Don't you know, when I went to their website earlier, and looked at their donations page, it opened to a picture of a tiny ginger kitten in someone's hand...and Duncan was ginger...Sigh.  Teh catz haz such efer epfem short little lives.  Cat folks have to learn to deal with missing them.  I like to remember some of mine, especially The Snow Baby.  If she was days from delivering kittens, and soaking wet, she might have weighed six pounds.  The Snow Baby was a white, mostly-Persian little lady of a cat.  Her eyes were a dark gold in color, and her nose and ears showed pretty pink accents.  Always ready to play, I could play with her all day and never ever get scratched--such lovely manners!  She pretty much liked everybody, although she did give the shepherd pup a bad scratch to his face.  She was provoked!  The dingy dog put his nose right in her tummy; she probably thought she was about to get eaten.  He never did that again.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye, little friend

I am so saddened to see that Duncan Donut, The Glorious Dogcat, has passed away.  So often his exploits, related by Zoom at, brought a laugh to my day.  Duncan was a shelter cat, and I think it would be nice if we could all make a small donation of pet food, volunteer some of our time, or maybe knit up some washable cuddles for other shelter pets in our areas, in his name.  RIP, Duncan!  So sorry for your loss, Zoom!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Knitting challenge for the duration of the Olympics

 My challenge to myself this time is to finish as many WIPs as I can.  So...during the Opening Ceremony I wove in ends on my beautiful Janet Beret, then during the first commercial break I tossed it and a lacy headband into the sink for a nice soak.  I left them there for about 30 minutes, and at the break after that I put them into rinse mode.  After a few minutes of draining, during which I collected an old towel, both got rolled up in the towel and squeezed nearly dry.  I pulled out one of our 12" plates. s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it over that huge plate, then threaded a tapestry needle with about 5' of size 10 crochet cotton.  Using that folded in half, I put the needle through all the edge stitches around the brim, then started pulling -- and pulling -- and pulled the opening closed to about 6" across.  I tied a bow in the crochet thread.  This opened up the lace, and drew the brim down so it would dry smaller, and fit better.  Which it does!  Love it when a plan comes together.
I've worn the headband to work, it looks really nice and as I recall it was a really quick knit.  The only issue I have is that the lace I used is stockinette based, and wants to curl in at the side.  Blocking improved that, and of course you won't see that when it's wrapped around a skull, so it's ok. 
2/20/14 Update:  Over the weekend, Disco presented me with two pairs of fishhook dangly earrings she'd made for me!  I wore one pair up to the office yesterday and had 3 ladies ask if she had anymore ready!  Are you listening, DiscoDame?   I need to get some pictures, and put them here.  Also, Disco has said she'd model the Arden mitts for some photos, and I mean to hold her to that. 

I will be so glad

...To see the back of this week!  The arthritis in my back has really been kicking me down lately, sometimes waking me up & other times just making it very hard to get to sleep.  This is a problem, but I can & will soldier on -- with more frequent breaks in the knitting and trying to avoid holding any heavy books open to read 'em.  Got a scare Thursday:  The Plaidman hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days; around 11 a.m. Thursday DiscoDame called to let me know she'd called an ambulance for her Dear Old Dad, as he felt he needed to go to the ER but didn't think he could drive.  Disco doesn't drive at all.  So I told her to see if she could ride in the ambulance with her Da; she rode shotgun in the cab.  No, they didn't use the siren.  So, I waited to hear something more from her.  And I waited.  And waited some more.  She called me again about 2 p.m. to let me know that tests were ordered, but no definite diagnosis was established yet.  Then she called back at 3 with the diagnosis, and asked if she should call a cab to get home.  Heck no!  I left work at my ususal time of 4 p.m. and went straight to the hospital to pick them up.  We have a high deductible plan, so this is going to be expensive enough.  So he's been puny all weekend, only started back on solid food this morning.  And he had a call from his sis last night; his aunt's oldest son had committed suicide on Valentine's Day.  Not a great holiday for this family.
In the slightly better news, I did get some of my WIPs finished up.  I washed & blocked the Janet Beret, and a lace headband.  I finished the first of the Arden mitts, and wow is it handsome.  Take a look:
Have you seen it from this angle?

Please note the background ... my new favorite for photos!
So, I've still a good bit to do on this pair of mitts.  And I really REALLY need to finish the Bunny Hop sweater for the Peerless Princess.  Of course, that involves sewing, so no telling when I'll work up the gumption to get 'er done.